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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Battle of the BB Creams: Juice Beauty vs. Marie Veronique

Like many green beauty bloggers, Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream is a vital part of my makeup routine. I was turned on to this product after I read about it on one of my favorite blogs, No More Dirty Looks. I'll let you in on a little secret -- on an average day, I wear only this CC cream, some mascara, and a bit of tinted lip balm. I'm lazy like that.

But everyone finds their eyes wandering... right? Well, at least to another BB cream. Specifically, Marie Veronique Organics Everyday Coverage. Both No More Dirty Looks and kimberlyloc have given glowing reviews of this product and I couldn't help being curious.  Given the similar natures of these two products, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to compare the two!

While I've used an entire tube of Juice Beauty's CC Cream, I've only used one small sample of MVO Everyday Coverage, so I'll have to build my opinions from there. Let's start simple. First of all, the price of these two products is nearly identical. Juice Beauty Steam Cellular CC Cream is $39 for 1.7 oz and MVO Everyday Coverage is $40 for 2 oz.

As you can see, the consistency of these two creams is very different. The Juice Beauty cream is the cream on the bottom right in the picture, while the MVO cream is at the upper left. The Juice Beauty cream has a thicker, mousse-like consistency, close to that of a traditional cream foundation. The MVO cream is much thinner, like a loose liquid foundation or a face oil.

Here we come to my main issue with the MVO cream. While the Juice Beauty cream glides on smoothly and easily, the MVO cream gets oddly patchy and leaves streaks that are difficult to blend in. Despite the difficulty in applying the MVO cream, after it's all smoothed on, it leaves a very nice finish. And here we end with the one area where I feel MVO is the clear winner: Oddly enough, though the Juice Beauty cream is thicker, the MVO cream seems to be a bit more full coverage. It also leaves a more matte finish, which is very important to me. As a side note, both of these creams have 30 SPF.


Juice Beauty has two shades, while MVO had three. I chose the lightest for both. I think that the MVO cream may match my skin tone a little better, but with something as sheer as a BB cream, it doesn't really make a big difference. In the end, the minor difference in coverage and finish didn't make up for the awkward application.

So which BB cream would I go with? I'd have to say Juice Beauty. While I like the finish of MVO's cream, the consistency, ease of application, and availability of Juice Beauty's cream makes it preferable to me. I've also noticed a big difference in the quality of my skin since I started using Juice Beauty's CC cream. I feel like it's really evened out my skin tone and generally improved my complexion. Even though I wish it was more matte, especially in the winter, I find my skin responds well to the bit of extra moisture. If I'm that concerned about oiliness, I just throw on some powder. 

If you're looking for a quick, easy way to improve your skin and give yourself a nice, even complexion without spending a bunch of time on makeup, try one of these BB creams!

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