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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh hi didn't see you there

Howdy, dear readers!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to apologize for the unscheduled hiatus. Life's been kicking me in the face recently, so I just haven't had the time to update. In between packing up all of my belongings, holding a last-minute garage sale, celebrating a bunch of birthdays (including my own!), keeping myself busy at work, brushing up on my long-neglected art skills (or lack thereof), and fighting the patriarchy, it's difficult to make time for obsessing over stuff I put on my face.

But fear not! There will be much updating in the future. In fact, here's a few things you have to look forward to:
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This is how excited I am to see you again

Friday, June 7, 2013

Adventures in Hair, Part II: Or, How to Survive Life When You Have Severus Snape Hair

Hey, remember that time we had an extensive talk about my hair? Yeah, let's revisit that. But first, a story.

I love Harry Potter. Pretty much anyone who's ever met me knows this to be true. I was one of those people who waited in line for hours to get the new book, who saw the midnight premiere of all of the movies, who obsessively read and re-read the books in preparation for a Harry Potter trivia night, who spent (and still spends, I have to admit) hours online scavenging for undiscovered information and, yes, that bane of fandom... fanfiction. I'm the adult woman who spent a small fortune traveling to and buying souvenirs at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. And I'm not ashamed. You know why? Because Harry Potter is awesome.

Product Review: Sweet Anthem Perfume - Lucille Perfume Oil

Check out my previous post on Sweet Anthem here!

The second perfume oil I tried out from Sweet Anthem was Lucille. Here is the description from their website:

"From an old Germanic ballad: The linden-maiden rests beneath an illuminated grove / night-blooming jasmine fastened in her hair / Surrounded by the memory of ash and smoke and trove, the linden-worm takes flight / off they climb together, through the salty air...Notes: Amber, Jasmine, Linden Blossom, Rosewood, Sea Salt, Tonka Bean."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Product Review: Sweet Anthem Perfume - Rebecca Perfume Oil

Sweet Anthem is just one of the many gems I came across at the Austin Renegade Craft Fair. I passed up the two other perfumeries that caught my eye at the fair, Rebel + Mercury and Imaginary Authors, to try out Sweet Anthem. I even had the pleasure of speaking with perfumer Meredith Smith herself. As if the amazing scents, cruelty-free manifesto, and charming packaging hadn't won me over already, Meredith was sweet, patient, and informative. I'm quite the indecisive shopper and she didn't seem to mind a bit. She even threw together a custom sample packet for me!

My sample set included three scents: Rebecca, Lucille, and Annabelle. Perfume is one of those products that, to me, is notoriously difficult to shop for. Oh, I can oogle and drool over any number of scents online or in-person, but it's hard for me to pull the trigger on a purchase, in part because of the expense of perfume and in part because I've found that high quality perfumes really evolve once you put them on. That's were sample packages like this one come in.