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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Product Review: Sweet Anthem Perfume - Rebecca Perfume Oil

Sweet Anthem is just one of the many gems I came across at the Austin Renegade Craft Fair. I passed up the two other perfumeries that caught my eye at the fair, Rebel + Mercury and Imaginary Authors, to try out Sweet Anthem. I even had the pleasure of speaking with perfumer Meredith Smith herself. As if the amazing scents, cruelty-free manifesto, and charming packaging hadn't won me over already, Meredith was sweet, patient, and informative. I'm quite the indecisive shopper and she didn't seem to mind a bit. She even threw together a custom sample packet for me!

My sample set included three scents: Rebecca, Lucille, and Annabelle. Perfume is one of those products that, to me, is notoriously difficult to shop for. Oh, I can oogle and drool over any number of scents online or in-person, but it's hard for me to pull the trigger on a purchase, in part because of the expense of perfume and in part because I've found that high quality perfumes really evolve once you put them on. That's were sample packages like this one come in.

I'll start out with Rebecca. Here's the description from their website:
"The deepest black oud and smoke, mulled with a harvest blend of honey and amber, and livened with ginger and cranberry. Candied pears, Texas flowers, and late summer blooms are strewn throughout...Notes: Agarwood, Amber, Bluebonnets, Ginger, Honey, Moroccan Fig, Pear"
When I first put on this perfume oil, the agarwood and amber really came through. The scent is quite floral though, and almost powdery. I don't know how else to describe it. It really reminds me of the body powder my grandmother used. I didn't get much of the ginger or the fig, but maybe that's just me. When I put it on, I feel sort of like a classy, classy grandma -- in a good way! To go with something a bit more topical, it also makes me feel kinda like Daisy Buchanan.


Yeah, okay, that one will work... But I'm really talking about this Daisy Buchanan:

Yes, that one. Head in the clouds, surrounded by extravagance, old-fashioned (in a way), and above all else, unattainable. It's a pretty good feeling. The scent is a little heady when you first apply, but it mellows quickly. I'm definitely of the "less is more" opinion when it comes to fragrance, because not only is perfume you can smell from a mile away just gross, but you should also be respectful of those who have sensitivities to fragrance. It's just common scents. (Ha ha, get it? Common "scents?" Like "sense?" I crack myself up.)

More reviews to come from this great perfumery!

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