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Thursday, May 30, 2013

TMI Thursday: I Went Camping for 5 Days and All I Brought Was Dr. Bronner's and a Diva Cup

Yeah, I think the title says it all.

So, for those of you who don't know me IRL, I went to Burning Flipside last weekend. I'm really not the camping type, but I make a special exception for this event. It really is something I think everyone should experience. But I digress. It's time for some TMI!

The point is, I lived without a toilet, shower, sink, etc. for five days and I survived. Wanna know how? This stuff:

That's right, good ol' Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. I know that I neglected to mention this all-purpose item in my Tribute to Soap, but the truth is that I use it almost daily -- just not for skin/body care. Dishwashing, laundry pre-treating, household cleaning... it does it all. However, I'd never experimented with using it on my body before this weekend. So for five days, I used to to wash my dirty, greasy hair, scrub my smelly, sweaty pits, and brush my grimy teeth. And you know what? It worked!

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't stand feeling dirty or oily. It's a thing. Most are pretty surprised when I mention my yearly burner pilgrimage. This soap is basically what kept me going this year. The peppermint was pleasantly invigorating when I took three minutes to scrape the crud off my body with some lukewarm camp water. It washes off easily from hair, which is very helpful when you're using limited water. It also worked great as a tooth soap, though I wouldn't want it for everyday use, since the taste is a somewhat bitter.

And here's where the TMI part comes in: the only other body care product I brought with me was the Diva Cup. This is a very recent purchase, but I think it's one of the most useful items I've procured in quite a while. I'm not gonna lie -- it wasn't always easy to use while away from a bathroom, but it was exponentially more convenient than pads or (shudder) tampons.

I tend to have pretty sensitive skin down there (don't we all?) and pads are often irritating, especially in warm, sweaty weather. Using a menstrual cup eliminates all of that. Flipside is also a "leave no trace" event, so no nasty trash to pack out after the event is over. When you're running around and swimming and cooking over an open flame, it's surprisingly much more comfortable to wear as compared to anything else. 

What I'm saying is, if you're lucky enough to go camping for five days in hot, rainy Texas weather while on your period, grab some Dr. Bronner's and a good menstrual cup. You'll survive, I promise.

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