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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The beginning...

Hello, lurking denizens of the Blogosphere! This blog is primarily for my own benefit (keeping tracks of all of my thoughts and experiments), but who knows? Maybe it will be helpful for someone else, too.

With the help of information from green beauty blogs like No More Dirty Looks (and the fabulous book by the same name, which I highly recommend), Gorgeously Green, and Angry Chicken (okay, so not really a beauty blog... but you get the picture), I have decided to embark on a quest. A quest to find the perfect green beauty regime for me, whether using products from reputable, clean, organic brands, my own recipes and concoctions, or a mixture of both.

This may seem like a rather vain, insignificant quest, but it's really just the first step in a much larger project to improve the way that I interact with our environment by reducing waste, the amount of chemicals I use, and other behaviors that are harmful to the planet. I urge everyone to do more research about the dangerous ingredients in cosmetic products from the blogs above, or from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. You can easily find better, safer, greener products from books, blogs, the Skin Deep Database, or Good Guide.

So why choose something like cosmetics to kick off my quest to become a a better individual? Well, for one thing, it's easy. For another, it's fun! For another... Sophie Uliano told me to. Let's get down to it!

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